We offer a large, extensive selection of SkyTraks and 100's of Attachments. The quality and reliability of our equipment offers consistent operation to ensure success on the job. Parts and service support are integrated into our daily mission. Providing and Servicing SkyTraks. We provide prompt field service for our Rental SkyTraks [...]

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 SkyTrak 6036 The SkyTrak 6036 is an all-wheel steer telehandler delivers the ideal blend of power and productivity to handle your toughest jobs. If you’re looking for a reliable, operator-friendly telehandler with the added versatility of a wide range of optional attachments, the SkyTrak 6036 model delivers. [...]

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Jim Koontz Talks to Access, Lift & Handlers

Our illustrious leader Jim Koontz has made a return to the Access, Lift & Handlers Podcast. In this month’s podcast, Jim provides listeners with an update on how Aero Lift overcame the downturn and is looking to break records in 2021. Give it a listen using the links below.

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SkyTrak Won’t Start?

In the winter, a common problem that happens is your employees roll onto the job site early in the morning in the blistering cold, and the SkyTrak won't start. Maybe it hasn't been in operation for several days and temperature has dropped to freezing. It's a common occurrence on older machines, [...]

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SkyTrak Platform Safety – From Aero Lift

Platform safety is a serious issue. We've seen crews use planks of wood or other things to stand on instead of going with the best option of just getting a platform. Falling from the platform, slipping, and dropping items down below are serious issues that can cause injury. Be safe, [...]

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Section 179 Tax Saving for 2020

The IRS has Huge Section 179 Tax Saving for 2020! Do you wish that you had a little help buying equipment to help you grow your business and increase profits? Well, you do! You’ve got a very rich and benevolent Uncle. Yup, Uncle Sam wants to help you invest in your business [...]

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Quick-Tach Truss Booms – Forklift Attachments for SkyTrak

Combine the lifting capability of a crane with the speed and maneuverability of an extendable reach forklift Suitable for use on most surfaces including muddy and rough job sites Built to last with fully welded, square tube construction for extra strength and durability. With a vertical reach of up to 15’ [...]

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