Military Grade SkyTrak

We often get asked to work on SkyTrak’s that are not ours. Will we evaluate, service, and repair machines that are owned by our clients, friends, and alike!? Yup, SkyTrak’s are what love and what we do. Occasionally we have a client call us and ask us to service and repair [...]

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We offer a large, extensive selection of SkyTraks and 100's of Attachments. The quality and reliability of our equipment offers consistent operation to ensure success on the job. Parts and service support are integrated into our daily mission. Providing and Servicing SkyTraks. We provide prompt field service for our Rental SkyTraks [...]

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Aero Lift

Aero Lift in Milford, Michigan has been in the rental business for over 25 years. We provide SkyTrak® brand forklifts and telehandlers for various material handling tasks.  Competitive pricing and quick response are benefits our customers receive daily.  Our clients enjoy dealing direct with friendly, experienced and committed personnel.  We stock [...]

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Jim Koontz Talks to Access, Lift & Handlers

Our illustrious leader Jim Koontz has made a return to the Access, Lift & Handlers Podcast. In this month’s podcast, Jim provides listeners with an update on how Aero Lift overcame the downturn and is looking to break records in 2021. Give it a listen using the links below.

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Trash Hoppers from Aero Lift USA

Easy to load design. Front completely open for unrestricted access for wheel barrows, power buggies or manual loading. Ideal for . . . General job site trash handling. Drop from masonry saw brick & block cutting. Rehab Projects. Re-roofing Jobs. Even as an elevating platform for material and equipment. ① Forklift [...]

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