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SkyTrak Work Platform Attachment

Work platform, man-basket, matter what you call it, get one for your job-site to keep your employees safe. We've seen loads of crews put planks of wood on SkyTrak forks and then raise them with the workers high in the air. This is not safe! And we all know [...]

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Support Local Business – Milford, Wixom, Novi, Northville

As a small business ourselves, we look for ways to support our fellow small businesses in the metro Detroit area. Our good friends at Total Sports of Novi are offering dasher board advertising, and we at Aero Lift jumped at the opportunity to get our logo on their boards. Not only [...]

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SkyTrak Attachments

Looking for SkyTrak attachments? And need them quickly? We got you covered. We have hundreds of Star Industries SkyTrak attachments in stock and ready to ship. Platforms, Slip on Truss Booms, Slip on Buckets, Material Hoppers, Pin on Truss Booms, you name the attachment, we got it. Call us today and [...]

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Aero Lift and Team Financial – Great Partners

Team Financial Group offers financing options for commercial equipment needs, which allows Aero Lift to provide customers with financing for SkyTrak purchases. And by partnering with Team Financial Group, Aero Lift receives all of the benefits of offering flexible payment options with none of the risk or hassle.  At Aero Lift, the benefits from the partnership include:  Flexible payment plans that help us attract [...]

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We offer a large, extensive selection of SkyTraks and 100's of Attachments. The quality and reliability of our equipment offers consistent operation to ensure success on the job. Parts and service support are integrated into our daily mission. Providing and Servicing SkyTraks. We provide prompt field service for our Rental SkyTraks [...]

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Aero Lift

Aero Lift in Milford, Michigan has been in the rental business for over 25 years. We provide SkyTrak® brand forklifts and telehandlers for various material handling tasks.  Competitive pricing and quick response are benefits our customers receive daily.  Our clients enjoy dealing direct with friendly, experienced and committed personnel.  We stock [...]

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Heat Exhaustion

With temperatures rising here in metro Detroit, please keep an eye out for heat exhaustion. It can happen to you, or anyone of your crew members. Here's what to look for, and what to do if it strikes. Signs of heat exhaustion: Headache Dizziness and weakness Irritability Extreme thirst Nausea Heavy [...]

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