SkyTrak Work Platform Attachment

SkyTrak Work Platform Attachment

Work platform, man-basket, cage….no matter what you call it, get one for your job-site to keep your employees safe. We’ve seen loads of crews put planks of wood on SkyTrak forks and then raise them with the workers high in the air. This is not safe! And we all know it. OSHA will fine you and it won’t be pretty. And that’s the minimum that can happen. If one of your employees happens to fall and get hurt, you could be seriously liable. A work platform is the best way to prevent this. It also shows your employees, and everyone else, you are committed to the safety of your team on your job-site.

Swing Carriage

Elevate your Personnel for:
• Setting windows in new home construction
• Installing exterior siding in new home construction
• Lighting maintenance
• Building repairs and maintenance
• Equipment repair

Reduce Capital Expenditures:
No need to invest thousands of dollars in other equipment.
Your forklift and an Work Platform can do the
job right.

Do It Safely:
Stop personnel from standing on a pallet or make-shift platform. Work Platforms are safe; they meet or exceed all OSHA / ANSI requirements.