Maintaining your SkyTrak equipment doesn’t cost, it pays!

Is your SkyTrak running smoothly? When was the last time a professional SkyTrak technician serviced your forklift? You may more than offset any service fees with increased production and avoidance of premature parts failures by having Aero Lift perform an oil change and complete service on your SkyTrak.

Call James today to have our moving “warehouse” come to you. One of our specialized service trucks will visit and get your SkyTrak back up and running again like new!

Breakdowns are expensive. They cost more than the money spent on the fix. The lost time that can’t be recovered also carries significant cost. The parts that caused the breakdown may have failed due to neglect.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our specialized SkyTrak service technicians. Don’t fall victim to the “break and fix” approach to maintaining your investment!

SkyTraks are essential to your livelihood, and a well maintained SkyTrak holds it’s value when it’s time to sell. Maintaining it doesn’t cost, it pays! Call James at (248) 504-9329 Today!