At the end of a long hard day on the job-site, the last thing you want to do is start to prepare for the next day. You want nothing more than to finish up and get home. Especially in the cold weather, we get it. But, hear us out on this. If quitting time comes and you drop everything, starting up again the next day won’t be easy. Especially if there’s an issue with your SkyTrak. So, here’s a helpful tip to make sure you can start the next day right. Before you leave the job-site for the night, park your SkyTrak curb side. Do not leave it at the bottom of a hill, or in muddy terrain where it would be impossible to get to if rain fell over night.

If you arrive bright and early and your SkyTrak won’t start, you call Aero Lift to come out and get your machine back up and running. We’ll arrive and do everything in our power to help. But, if you’ve left your SkyTrak at the bottom of a hill or in terrain we can’t get to, it will take even longer for us to get you and your crew back up and running. If the machines is left by the curb, we’ll be able to pull up with our service truck, which is outfitted with parts and tools to get your running right way, and have no issues doing our job.

At Aero Lift we pride ourselves on getting your SkyTrak running as quick as we can. We make service calls every day, usually the same day as we’re called, but if you could do us, and yourself a small favor…and leave the machine curbside whenever possible. This one small tip can save hours of your time, and money.