Spring Maintenance Tips

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Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring is around the corner, and for many companies, that means it’s time to prepare equipment and fleets for the spring, summer and fall seasons.

From construction equipment sitting idle all winter to seasonal fleets that need to be converted for summer work, there’s much work that goes into ensuring you’re up and running properly. On top, there’s the regular seasonal maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your investments.

Here are some spring maintenance tips from our experts:

1: Start it up

In many cases where trucks or equipment were not used much over the winter, getting the equipment started is important. It’s a great time to complete full vehicle inspections to make sure you’re ready for the season, be sure to always evaluate the fuel in the tanks to confirm to condensation build up over the mild & cold winter hasn’t occurred.

2. Change oil and Lube chassis and Boom

Let our experts change the engine oil, filters and lube the chassis. The boom needs a special lube and the chains need adjusting. Inspecting the boom hoses, chains and retract system before failure is critical to preventing expensive repairs and downtime. 

3: Check on Cooling Systems

Spring is the time to make certain the cooling system on each truck is functioning properly. Ensure the radiator, hose connections and pipes are ready for the heat of the summer. Hot weather brings even hotter engines and when the heat is on the trucks need to be adequately cooled or they will overheat and may do serious damage. It’s always nicer to repair it before failure, than afterwards!

3: Test Hydraulics

Make certain hydraulic systems are cleaned and operating properly. Install new filters and ensure there are no blockages or restrictions. When the weather is cold the hydraulics don’t really work efficiently, but when the ambient temperature rises so does the hydraulic oil temperatures.

4: Convert your seasonal fleet

Right after the spring road restriction end means it’s time to get to work for many construction companies. Getting all the equipment job site ready and tip-top shape and ready for a full summer of business!

5: Ensure you’re fuel ready

How and where are you fueling your fleet this spring, summer and fall? Ensure you’ve got fresh filters and reliable fuel supplier that will keep you going, no matter what. Don’t let seasonal and regional supply shortages make you scramble for a new supplier.

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