Why Aero Lift Sends Two Service Techs

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Why Aero Lift Sends Two Service Techs

Why does Aero Lift send Two Service Techs on field service calls?

1) Safety. We value our Techs and they have to handle heavy loads, pound pins, crawl under unstable loads and are generally in harm’s way while diagnosing and repairing machines that may have safety systems previously compromised and are not functional.

2) Speed. Most jobs are done faster. The Lead Tech can call Tech #2 for tools, parts or to witness what does, or doesn’t, happen when energizing hydraulics, operating levers or troubleshooting electric systems. These are large complex machines that take years of training to master.

3) Cost effective. We charge a fair labor rate for jobs often completed 2 or 3 times as fast.

4) Efficient. Two Techs are confident, competent and energized to serve your needs. Overtaxed and fatigued personnel are subject to injury, taking shortcuts and otherwise compromising the best practices to ensure your SkyTraks malfunction is efficiently and soundly repaired.

5) Professional. Those Two Service Techs arrive in a state of the art, fully stocked service center on wheels that has the SkyTrak replacement required to fix your SkyTrak 97% of the time. Your fix is one stop. Other service techs arriving in an unstocked and unsupported truck that requires a return visit is considerably more expensive. Do you value your “down time?”

6) Mindful. We thoughtfully and carefully evaluated the safety, costs, benefits, & production with One Tech vs. Two Techs. We are firmly convinced. Two Techs are our choice of operation after 25 years of service. We’re confident you’ll agree.

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