Matt Koontz

Matt Koontz

Vice President of Sales

From and early age Matt has been around construction equipment. Weekends were often filled with construction sites, client interactions and shop maintenance for the equipment. Matt found himself learning, from Jim, how to interact with all trades, how to diagnose issues with equipment and solve them. Used equipment can be difficult to problem solve and Matt had a front row seat on how to be intuitive and thoughtful on maintenance. Jim had very little mechanical background , so like many other entrepreneurs, he had to learn on the spot. Matt learned to work hard and treat people with respect. With perseverance, work ethic and a little luck Jim has grown the company  into what it has become.

Matt had other aspirations than Aero Lift in the beginning. Though loving equipment and small business, he decided to venture into the sports world. Holding a Master’s degree in sports administration he worked hard to elevate his career.  Matt always found himself wanting more and was typically met with resistance. Ultimately the draw to make decisions, with the companies best interest at heart, was too much and he decided in a career change.

Right at the time Matt started with Jim and his brother Steve, Detroit was hit hard with a recession.  To say it was a difficult time would be putting it mildly. Matt found himself once again learning how to persevere in extremely challenging times. Jim’s guidance and willingness to always push forward was essential to surviving. Jim, Steve and Matt were able to endure and because of it are a much stronger family and company for it.

Matt has found a passion for client interactions and logistics of equipment. In constant contact with clients, drivers and employees he can easily be reached to discuss rentals and sales.

Matt currently resides in Northville with his wife Kara and their four children, Jackson, Charlotte, Isabella and Amelia.

You can reach Matt at: 734.915.1908 or by email at matt [at]