Aero Lift – Energized and Motivated

//Aero Lift – Energized and Motivated

Aero Lift – Energized and Motivated

It’s been an interesting and challenging year. Very few possess the wisdom, vision, inside information or good fortune to operate businesses that benefit from the unique circumstances we find ourselves in.

This is not something you plan for. Unless one considers that being deleveraged and without debt is a strategy that insulates one from unforeseen economic hardships.
However….Our business is lurching and sputtering to life! We’re Hustling Harder and as a result the phones are ringing! Leave the hand wringing, complaining and finger pointing to others.
We are working the phones, hitting job-sites and following up on any and every lead.

Rentals are very competitive as all the equipment companies have overflowing yards filled and discounting is common.
That will not be resolved until their confidence grows and the yards empty out. We can, and are, selling well maintained, used SkyTraks.
We can, and are, performing chargeable, local service work. We can, and are, selling discounted SkyTrak parts all over the country.
We are feeling relevant, energized and motivated. My team is driven to increase our piece of a shrinking pie.
I’m certain that there’s enough business in our primary market to support Aero Lift.
We simply have to go get it. You should feel the same.
I visit job-sites frequently and that pushes us to plan an ambitious schedule of sites to visit. We are successfully making inroads into the lucrative world of field service.
We’re getting up early and staying late. Call us and see! We are gonna come out of this stronger and more service oriented than ever.
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